incoming undergraduate students

Incoming Students Welcome to Queen's
Incoming Students Welcome to Queen's

congratulations! you've made the decision to spend the next few years studying at queen's university. we think that’s the right decision and we're excited you are joining our community! this website will be your resource to ensure you are prepared for your first year at queen’s, make sure to check back often as we will be posting updates throughout the summer.

most programs and courses will be delivered remotely for the fall term due to the ongoing pandemic. we want to reassure you that queen’s has been delivering exceptional online education for decades and we have the expertise to ensure the remote learning experience retains the highest quality of teaching, course content and community experience. for up-to-date covid-19 related information, please visit the coronavirus covid-19 information website.

central to the quality of the queen’s experience is the connection to community, and we have a summer of opportunities to connect you with peers and prepare you for fall studies! 

all incoming undergraduate students can follow the following next steps check list, however, bisc students can visit the bisc next steps website and international students can visit the queen's university international centre (quic) website for more specific information. 

next steps

1. set up your netid

your netid and password give you access to online services and resources offered by queen’s. your netid will never change, but you should change your netid password often. a strong netid password ensures that both your personal information and university resources are protected.
>> Learn more about managing your NetID

view the new student it guide

make your transition an easy one, and view the new student it guide to help get you started. view information about technology, resources, and services available to students.

>> read the New Student IT Guide

2. set up your queen's email

queen’s email service – office 365
as a new undergraduate student, your email service was provisioned in mid-june.  now you have access to office 365 and a full suite of collaboration tools and applications.
you will have received an email with information about your queen's email account. log in and make sure everything is set up to your satisfaction. from this point forward, queen's will only communicate with you via your queen's email account, so be sure to continue checking it regularly!
read your guide to registration and fees and student card photo email
the guide is put out by the office of the university registrar and contains detailed information on the registration process, a listing of fees and how to make payment, as well as photo submission guidelines for student card production. you will have received an email from the registrar's office on july 6 with a link to the guide and more information.

3. residence

residence is planning for up to 50% occupancy for the fall term. all eligible students who met the residence deadline for application and payment have received direct communication from residence regarding next steps.  more information can be found on our residence website.

watch for your residence room offer - deadline august 6

students who received an offer for a fall residence space will receive an email with a specific room assignment. august 6 is the deadline to accept offers for a residence space beginning fall 2020.

residence move-in

if you're living in residence, move in will begin on august 30 and will continue for multiple days. specific dates for each student will be communicated in august.

>> Learn more about the move-in process

living off campus
if you are looking for housing in kingston for 2020-21 and if you have questions about your lease, landlord, roommates, etc., support is available through student community relations.

4. summer transition programs

there are three transition programs we are offering over the summer to get you ready for your first year at queen's: soar, qsucess and soar studies.

review content from summer orientation to academics and resources (soar)
the information available in the soar course in onq will remain online until the end of april 2021 for you to reference throughout your first year. recordings of past webinars can be accessed through the ‘webinar recordings’ module. please note that discussion forums have been closed, and the course will no longer be monitored or updated.
>>Visit and sign in with your netid and password to access all soar content! 
qsuccess - register for an upper-year mentor
start the year off on the right foot. stay strong throughout the year. register to be matched with a q success mentor who can help you with the transition from high school to university and provide helpful advice. 
soar studies - prep to get you ready
soar studies will help you hone your academic skills for a successful first term. led by your faculty/school, and supported by student academic success services, these short, free online modules, courses, tutorials and other materials and resources will help you prepare effectively for new academic expectations. learn skills and approaches for effective time management, note taking, exam and essay preparation. you can also review academic material essential to your area of study.
parents and supporters at soar 
we have designed content specifically for parents and supporters to help them support their student’s transition to university. beginning july 6, information about upcoming sessions that parents and supporters are invited to attend will be posted to our parents and supporters page.
setting yourself up for success (syus)
setting yourself up for success (syus) is a free 6-module online course, beginning july 27th, that will introduce you to what lies ahead, what supports are available to you, how to ensure equitable access to your education if you have a disability or mental health condition and generally how to be successful in university. syus is brought to you by queen's university's regional assessment and resource centre (rarc) and queen's student accessibility services (qsas).

5. financial assistance

complete your ontario student assistant program (osap) application 
submit your osap application now to ensure funding is available by september 1.
>> Apply for OSAP 
>> Do not report your Queen’s awards on your OSAP application – learn more
complete your provincial/territorial student government assistance application  
if you reside in another province/territory, check the government student assistance website where you reside for information about when the application is available and further information about how to report any awards you have received. apply as soon as you can to ensure your funding is available by september 1.
check your queen’s email for scholarship updates in mid-august

you will automatically be re-assessed for scholarship consideration once your final grades have been received. if your grades have increased since your offer of admission, we will review your final grades and notify you via email and solus should you be eligible for a grades-based admission scholarship.

6. managing finances in solus

view your financial aid to find out when your awards will be applied to your queen's solus student account

to align with queen’s term-based tuition due dates, all queen’s awards administered by the student awards office for undergraduate and professional programs (e.g. law / medicine) and granted at the start of each academic year will be paid in two equal payments and applied to your queen’s solus student account for fall and winter term.  this includes all admission awards, renewable, and upper year awards.  the first installment of your award payment will be applied to your solus student account late august, and your second installment will be applied to your solus student account early-december. 

  • mid-august - check your solus student centre – view financial aid, to see the disbursement dates in which your award will be posted to your solus student account.

for all awards administered by the student awards office – award payments will be held in your solus student account to be applied to all current and future due university charges (e.g. fall term tuition and student activity fees, fall term residence, winter term tuition, and winter term residence).

>> Learn more about navigating SOLUS

pay your fall tuition and fees 
all fall tuition and fees are due on september 30.
update your banking information in solus
do we have your banking information? you can update your information in the finances section of solus. your banking information permits queen’s to process refunds directly into your bank account. please note that queen’s will not deduct payments directly from your bank account, and any awards will be deposited to your student account, not your bank account.
for those who are coming to canada for the first time, you will have the opportunity to open a canadian bank account and update your information upon arrival in canada. 
access your resp verification of enrolment form

do you need a queen’s verification of enrolment to withdraw from your resp? 

this form is available for the 2020-2021 academic year in your student’s solus account. all you have to do is download it and send it to your resp provider.  learn more.

make an alternative payment arrangement (apa) request

the alternative payment arrangement program (apa) assists students who cannot meet their tuition and student assistance levy (sal) fee payment deadlines for winter 2021 term, but have a proven source of funding. the apa allows students, upon approval, to defer payment of their tuition and sal without penalty until the end of january for winter term fees.

the apa submission deadline for winter term is december 15.

>> Determine if you are eligible for an APA

7. fall 2020 student contact information

please update your fall 2020 address, phone number and emergency contact information in solus. watch for a link in your “to do” list (on the top right of your solus screen) for next steps.

8. academic accommodations

register with queen's student accessibility services (qsas) - starting in june

if you have a disability that affects your ability to participate equitably in academic activities, we encourage you to register with qsas, no later than august 15, for support in your studies at queen’s.  qsas begins meeting with incoming students in june and we encourage you to contact our office in summer about registering.  this will help us arrange your support plan in time for the start of classes in september. 

>> Learn how to register with QSAS
>> Learn about our disability documentation requirements
>> Contact our Intake Coordinator for more information

9. food allergies and dietary needs

get in touch with hospitality services about your dietary needs
hospitality services take allergies and dietary needs very seriously. students are encouraged to book an appointment with hospitality services’ registered dietitian before arriving on campus to discuss how your dietary needs can be accommodated on the meal plan. all students are encouraged to “ask before you eat."
if you are living off-campus, our off-campus meal plans can be purchased at any time during the academic year. we have multiple meal plan options available designed to meet the needs of your on-campus lifestyle.

10. Enrolment & Course Selection

view block course enrolment

if you are in one of the following programs, you will have some, or all, of your courses automatically added to your schedule by your faculty or school in august:

  • commerce
  • concurrent education
  • music
  • nursing
  • kinesiology
  • engineering and applied science
  • health sciences

log in to solus to take a look at your class schedule for september!

students who are able to choose some or all of their courses* will be able to see their enrolment appointment time in solus by august 4.

*some Arts & Science students only

View your Enrolment Appointment (some Arts & Science students only!)

students who are able to choose some or all of their courses can log on to “solus enrolment appointment” to view your appointment time and load courses in your shopping cart starting august 4.

please note that you won't be able to actually enrol in the courses until your scheduled enrolment appointment. we recommend setting a reminder for your scheduled appointment time, and enrol as soon as your appointment time begins because some courses have enrolment restrictions.

select your courses

Students in the Faculty of Arts & Science who are able to choose some or all of their courses, must enrol in their courses for the Fall and Winter terms.   

  1. restricted enrolment: your enrolment appointment time will be your first opportunity to enrol in your courses. we suggest that you enrol as soon as your appointment time begins. some courses may have enrolment restrictions. these restrictions are there to ensure that students who need certain courses receive priority. this enrolment period will end at 11:30 p.m. on august 26.
  2. open enrolment: enrolment restrictions will be removed from courses on august 31 so you will now have access to all available courses provided you have the correct prerequisite. 

read the guide to registration and fees for a step-by-step guide on how to enrol in courses. if you need help selecting courses, please contact your faculty/school.

11. connect with us!

if you haven't done so already, make sure you connect with queen's on social media. you will find new students, current students, faculty, staff and alumni all ready to help you find your way at queen's!

>> Connect with the Student Experience Office on facebook, twitter, and instagram.